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I started out here, moved to D.C. and was the web editor here, senior news editor here, and now I'm a senior producer for The Washington Post's video department. I've written for Bookforum, The Nation, The Atlantic, Washington City Paper, The Root, the Chicago Reader, and NPR, among others.

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I'll get around to posting a clips page, but in the meantime, why we stopped talking about safe sex, Elizabeth Taylor: unlikely AIDS activist, hanging with the librarians at SXSW, reading Elizabeth Bishop at 100, and a Bon Iver Women's Studies mix tape.


“At some point, I just began folding the prints, folding way the sky, folding away the sides, until I basically had an image that looked like a supermarket bar code. I somehow had the feeling this was the right way of doing it, this was the gut decision.” -Michael Wolf

Emily Badger speaks with Michael Wolf, who has been photographing Hong Kong’s apartment towers, cropping them in a way that emphasizes their geometry and density.

Read: The Strange Beauty of Density Taken to the Extreme

[Images: Michael Wolf]

(Source: thisiscitylab)

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