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I started out here, moved to D.C. and was the web editor here, senior news editor here, and now I'm a senior producer for The Washington Post's video department. I've written for Bookforum, The Nation, The Atlantic, Washington City Paper, The Root, the Chicago Reader, and NPR, among others.

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I'll get around to posting a clips page, but in the meantime, why we stopped talking about safe sex, Elizabeth Taylor: unlikely AIDS activist, hanging with the librarians at SXSW, reading Elizabeth Bishop at 100, and a Bon Iver Women's Studies mix tape.

That’s not an uncommon story; you don’t go very long in conversations with food writers before someone says that food is “all about coming together.” I appreciate that. But what you don’t hear enough of is also how it’s not all sweetness and light. Our relationships with food are as complicated as our relationships with ourselves and each other, which is to say: really goddamned complicated.
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