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I'll get around to posting a clips page, but in the meantime, why we stopped talking about safe sex, Elizabeth Taylor: unlikely AIDS activist, hanging with the librarians at SXSW, reading Elizabeth Bishop at 100, and a Bon Iver Women's Studies mix tape.

Today I’m doing a presentation at Poynter on innovative social tools for covering elections. There’s still time to sign up (please do!) and it will be archived in case you want to save it for a rainy Saturday.

Since links in Power Point presentations are unusable for all concerned, I’ve gathered below some of the projects and uses of social I’ve had my eye on so far this year. Please enjoy, and even better, ping me if you’ve got examples of your own, and I’ll add.

Isaac Hepworth, a product manager at Twitter, created a visualization of Twitter @ mentions for June 21. He gives instructions on how to recreate it using Twitter’s API.

John Keefe, of WYNC, uses open election results data to create interactive maps.

The Washington Post unveiled a new app that tracks mentions of candidates on Twitter.

Not a project, but a handy link to have when talking about social—data on how the major social services rank as traffic referrers from Shareaholic.

I used Storify the night of the New Hampshire primary to pull together a complete picture of what my team was producing—tweets, articles, instagrams, etc.

The night of the Jan. 19 debate, I tracked the Twitter account of a user whose question was plucked by CNN for the candidates to answer.

I’ve built a whole Tumblr about … using Tumblr as an organization. But let me also suggest you check out:

One of my favorite Tumblr posts: CNNMoney Tech posted the dummy hed their writer filed about the launch of the iPhone 4S. Great use of the platform.

I’d be remiss to not send you to Beyonce & Jay-Z’s birth announcement for their daughter:

On Flickr, I’m curating a group of user submitted photos of the 2012 Election. We feature thumbnails from the group on the right rail of our politics page.

Speaking of Flickr, I love their map for finding photos taken by users around the country.

We put together a slideshow of Instagrams from Y! News senior reporter Holly Bailey as Romney headed to New Hampshire after what we then thought was a win in Iowa.

Facebook chats: Liz Heron of the New York Times spoke to Poynter about tips, here’s a Storify of what has been Yahoo! News’ most successful chat to date.

NPR’s Facebook page remains my gold standard for sharing and eliciting content from users.

I wrote yesterday about how even Ann Romney has gotten on Pinterest.

Holly Bailey, using Foursquare as a reporting tool.

The Atlantic’s James Fallows did a IAMA session on Reddit.

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